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Rob & Desiree Olsthoorn cycle 500 km for GEF Kenya

From 17 to 27 October 2019, Rob & Desiree Olsthoorn cycled the GEF Kenya Classic. The GEF Kenya Classic 2019 is an adventure cycling tour. They started this fantastic adventure in Tanzania together with 80 other participants. In 7 days they have covered more than 500 kilometers with never a dull moment. Because cycling between vast sugar cane plantations, climbing up to 1.750 meters on the slippery slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and on a bicycle safari through the Tsavo West National Park where elephants, zebras and giraffes walk along the road, is something different than the Westland dunes or the polder area of ​​Midden Delfland!

From this starting point, they cycled through various national parks such as Tsavo West, over the peaks of Taiata Hills and along vast plains of South Africa, finally ending up at the Girls Empowerment Foundation projects. Girls empowerment Foundation helps girls in developing countries with housing and education.

In 2011, a first orphanage was built for initially 16 girls who urgently needed shelter at that time. There are currently no fewer than 80 girls who are cared for by the GEF. Together with 450 primary school pupils, this organization supports no fewer than 500 children with good education.

We support the Girls Empowerment Foundation, the orphanage and the school in Kenya.

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