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Green up your Home 'Gift set'

Choose from no less than 8 complete 'Gift sets'. The 'Gift set' consists of a tray with an orchid (9 cm) from the collection of Little Kolibri Orchids, two green house plants (6 and 9 cm) from the collection 'Little Lizard Greens', combined with decorative pots and an accessory. The 'Gift set' is perfect as table decoration and also very nice to give away. The Green up your home 'Gift Sets' are available in eight current interior trends.

Last summer we introduced our new store concept 'Green up your home'. On this display, our 'Little Kolibri Orchids' and a new range of small green plants 'Little Lizard Greens' are combined with our ceramic decorative pots.

After a successful introduction, market demand led to the further development of the store concept into a gift set. For example, the consumer can opt for a composite set. The 'gift set' is therefore the smallest version of the trend-inspired store concept. Combining orchids with greenery is an unmissable trend. We have put together the decorative green filled trays based on our own trend themes. The green specialist is unburdened and thus has a contemporary gift item, which means that he sells several products at once.

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