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As a company, we take our responsibility and are strongly committed to environmentally and socially responsible solutions; we are constantly on the move. We follow the MPS guidelines to the highest attainable level: MPS SQ, MPS GAP and MPS A+. With this we continue to develop and ensure more and more balance in nature.

Vignette MPS-SQ NL-601199
Sustainable manufacturing

15% energy savings by applying The New Cultivation. In addition, we guarantee an even climate in our greenhouses.

The New Cultivation is an innovative cultivation strategy. The New Cultivation means that the greenhouse is dehumidified by dry outside air. This outside air is brought into the greenhouse with the aid of air handling units. Because the air in the greenhouse is now drier, less ventilation is required to get rid of the excess moisture. The heat can therefore remain in the greenhouse.

Sustainable manufacturing

We reduce energy consumption by combining LED and high-pressure sodium lamps in our cultivation department.

It is a hybrid lighting system, the LED lamps give off much less heat, in a department that we want to keep as cool as possible.

Sustainable manufacturing

20% savings on energy and fertilizers per unit of product by using Plant Growth Cells (PGC).

The PGC also ensures a high degree of uniformity of light, water and food. The use of space has increased by 20% due to the application of the PGC, which means that the use of energy and fertilizers per unit of product has decreased significantly. We reuse the cultivation vase; we disinfect the vases in a specially designed car wash using UV light.

Sustainable manufacturing

We keep the heat out with special outdoor screens on our cultivation greenhouses.

As a result, at times when it is not too sunny and the screens can remain open, we take full advantage of natural light that benefits the growth of our plants.

On hot days, the outdoor screens are closed and they keep the sun's rays and heat out of the greenhouse more in departments that we want to keep as cool as possible.

Sustainable manufacturing

We generate 950 KW with more than 285 solar panels.

This is enough power for no less than 80 households.

Sustainable manufacturing

We use the CO2 from the Botlek for the growth of our plants.

The 'waste product' from the Botlek is a valuable raw material for our plants. The plant converts CO2 into oxygen (O2) through photosynthesis. In this way we help each other in the region;

Sustainable manufacturing

Complete recirculation of the feed water.

This means that we disinfect and recirculate all our feed water, so that we more than meet the set Emission requirements.

Sustainable manufacturing

Did you know that sandwich facades save 10 times more energy than glass?

In our warm department, our facades are now fitted with sandwich panels instead of glass. This makes it easier for us to keep the heat inside the greenhouse.

Sustainable manufacturing

We offer our customers cardboard packaging.

Everyone has the choice to make a contribution to the environment. We pack our Kolibri Orchids in recyclable cardboard boxes; this replaces the plastic tray & the plastic cover that goes around the plant. In this way we all contribute.

Sustainable manufacturing

We have our own combined heat and power generator (CHP) and we use it to generate electricity for our lighting and heat pumps in our greenhouses.

We use the residual heat released in this process to heat our greenhouses.



Binding and Engaging employees

We think it is very important that everyone feels connected, with each other and with our organization

Bind and captivate employees

We take good care of our people, there is little staff turnover. During our latest employee satisfaction survey, we scored a 7.9!

In order to maintain and increase the atmosphere within the company, OK Plant invested in a very attractive company canteen in 2017, where employees can eat and drink together during breaks. The appreciation is certainly mutual.

socially involved OK Plant


Socially committed

We think it is important to support social projects in our area

Socially committed

Since 2018, we have made a greenhouse available free of charge for the Boeregoed project.

This foundation is committed to people with a disadvantage on the labor market.

Socially committed

We sponsor several events per year.

In addition, we are a proud sponsor of Westlandia football, Westlandia handball, Ride for the Roses, Westland Ride, Team Westland, Westlands Mannenkoor, Valto korfball club, soccer club Achilles Veen, NOAD '32, Olympus 70, Girls Empowerment Foundation, Stichting Juiste Versnelling, Bradelier loop , AHA Foundation, Safe Education Foundation and Stop Bullying.

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