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Our mission 

We strive to be a trendsetting grower of green and flowering plants that meets your expectations and those of your customer. We go to extremes; we develop total marketing solutions to differentiate our products that help you to make your green entrepreneurship a success. We work with our plants every day and we are proud of what we have achieved together. 

It feeds our passion and ambition. Every day again!

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Our customers

Collaborate, build long-term relationships, inspire and continue to surprise. This is how we guarantee satisfied customers. That is something we are continuously working on at OK Plant.

Our blooming range

We are a super modern and ambitious pot plant company that focuses on customers in the top segment in Europe. We produce more than 6.000.000 flowering plants every year.

Sustainability at OK Plant

We take our responsibility as a company and are strongly committed to environmentally and socially responsible solutions; we are constantly on the move.

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We are looking for you!

Grow together, bloom together: your green passion is truly appreciated!

OK Plant finds happiness at work very important! This is expressed in a special way of working; we follow our behavioral compass SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the DNA of our company, the behavioral compass is a manual for all employees on how we deal with our “moments of truth”.

We are proud of what we have achieved together. This is how our company stands in the Hillenraad Top100 and we received a Silver Award at the international grower of the Year election.

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